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Well, no, not “Ghostbusters”, but we have noticed a new trend that has been very unexpected. We have had a lot of requests from new customers who are desperately looking for someone to take over the submission and review part of their conference or congress.

There have been a variety of reasons why, from the simple bad luck for their current supplier to the usual worst of mankind situations. It makes no difference to us, we are ready, willing, and able to help whenever we are called upon.

What does this actually mean for your conference?

It means we can swoop in like superheroes, pick up any existing data in any 3rd proprietary software, and import it into our system, ready to carry on with the process wherever it was stopped.

There are always challenges in life and the answer is to deal with them the best we can, not fight against them. We are ready to lend a hand no matter what the reason is, who the provider is or in what state the data is in – we will always do our best to get you back on the right path – that’s what we are good at!


If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, then maybe you should call Firebird*.

*(yes, I know I am mixing up my 80’s references, but most of you are too young to know I got it wrong!).

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Everyone seems to be doing whatever they can to help.

750,000 volunteers have signed up

to help the NHS in the UK

But we in the events industry can’t profess to be saving the world but I think there is something we can do.

I have been in a few industry meetings recently with other leaders and the same phrase has come up again and again – the empathy model.

This is something we at Firebird were keen to explore but didn’t know where to start.

As always, it is our customers who know exactly what to do!

Like many other suppliers, we have had several customers who have had to postpone their conferences, congresses meetings etc. and have asked us “what are the implications”. They have asked us not only as the provider of their submission system but also because we are the leading experts in this field. They need insight into what it means for researchers, academics, field leaders and anyone else who has worked so hard to get the recognition for their work that they deserve.

But there’s more than this, there are massive financial implications; for those that have submitted, those that have registered to attend and those that are running the events.

I have seen some incredible generosity from delegates who have openly and willingly donated the registration fees they have paid, despite the event being cancelled. In one case, it was a very sad situation as it was to be the very last running of an incredible event that was in its tenth and final incarnation. A large proportion of this well loved meeting’s delegate choose to donate their registration fee to the organisers who were going to be horribly out of pocket without their help.  This empathy model is something that we wanted to follow: to make us proud of what we are doing to help support others at this time.

Offering expert advice is one thing, but how could we actually make a difference?

Well, there are a number of financial and technical implications of postponing an event. There is the obvious opportunity cost of missing out on running the same event next year as technically it is just this year’s event, just postponed. More importantly, the postponed event must be hosted and supported for an additional amount of time that was not envisaged when the agreement was first made. All of our clients have recognised this, and all have asked us what they need to do.

This puts me in a difficult position – do I take the money that is on offer or do I do what I can to help those who may be in more need than me? These are people that I want to keep as customers, and I can’t afford for them to disappear under the financial pressure. By following the empathy model, am I actually investing in my own future?

Yes, absolutely. By offering to extend the contract period to cover the postponement without any cost, I am helping those organisers who have been put in a very difficult position. It is only a small help but someone wiser than me once said every little helps.

Then I got a shock of my own. My customers are now making voluntary payments to help cover our costs. I haven’t asked for anything at all to run their events for longer, but they are searching their budgets to find a way to help us back.

Funny how the world works, right? I’m not the greatest believer in karma but I can most certainly see the sense. Those positive people may just be right – we will get through this – we will get through this together!

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Firebird are pleased to announce we are working with the University of Exeter for the first time.  We will be providing submission, review and delegate registration software for their RegGov 2020 conference.

Exeter University is organising and hosting the 8th Biennial Regulatory Governance Conference. It is sponsored by the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance and taking place at the University of Exeter from June 24 until June 26, 2020 covering a wide-range of topics around the over-arching theme of who carries the conversation today. The conference tackles the present context where some well-established ‘certainties’ around democracy, rule of law, governance, public policy, compliance and accountability are no longer taken for granted.

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We are pleased to announce we will be working with the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention (BDRP) to deliver the BDRP2020 conference.

The mission of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention (BDRP) is to understand the cause and pathogenesis of structural and functional birth defects, developmental delays, perinatal death, and other disorders of developmental and reproductive origin in order to prevent their occurrence and improve diagnosis and treatment by promoting multi-disciplinary research and exchange of ideas; communicating information to health professionals, decision-makers, and the public; and providing education and training.

The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention is the premier source for cutting-edge research and authoritative information related to birth defects and other disorders of developmental origin.

This is the third year that Firebird has worked with BDRP and we are looking forward to another fabulous event with great content.

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Firebird is excited to announce we are working with Blue Box Events on another one of their exciting projects.  This time we are providing delegate registration software for the Planning Public Transport Services 2020 (PPTS 2020). 

The objectives of the course are to compare traditional operations and service planning, including scheduling procedures, and new approaches, and to deal with and find solutions to persistent and realistic public transport problems. This course covers public transport planning topics identified as priorities for learning by participants in previous courses. This course covers public transport planning topics identified as priorities for learning by participants in previous courses. They are designed to be relevant to all conventional and emerging public transport modes including bus, tram, rail and on-demand services.

If there was ever a need to increase awareness of Public Transport it is now.  We wish them all the best with their conference.

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