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We asked three of our clients about their experience when using Firebird for their events and projects.

Find out, first hand, what conference organisers think about our software and our support team and share in the challenges that they have faced and solved with Firebird.

Archer Yates Associates
Archer Yates Associates

Archer Yates Associates is an event management company based in the United Kingdom.

They organise and run a wide range of events including medical, scientific and academic conferences.

Archer Yates partners with Firebird to run conferences like The British Trauma Society Annual Meeting and and The British Scoliosis Society Annual Meeting.

In this 5 minute video, Michael Neil, Commercial Director, explains how Firebird helps him to deliver great conferences for his customers.

Ecohouse Initiative

The Ecohouse Initiative team specialise in thermal comfort and low energy and eco-design. They are currently involved in research that takes them from Antarctica to the Tropics and in conjunction with Heriot Watt University organise a range of international events.

Ecohouse Initiative Ltd. has partnered with Firebird to run conferences like the 2017 Passive and Low Energy Architecture Conference in Edinburgh, the 2018 Windsor Conference on Thermal Comfort and the 2019 Comfort at the Extremes Conference in Dubai.

In this short video, Professor Sue Roaf explains what she is trying to achieve with Eco House and how Firebird has helped her achieve her goals.

Hampton Medical

Hampton Medical is an event management company based in the United Kingdom.

They work with with professional associations, charities and academic bodies to deliver high quality events.

Hampton Medical partners with Firebird to run conferences like The Intensive Care Society's State of the Art Annual Event.

In this 5 minutes video, Alice Cavassa, Project Manager, describes how she used Firebird for the running of an event and how Firebird was able to help her.

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"It's great being part of a company that is dedicated to service and works with such a wide range of lovely customers."
Ashley Downing, Firebird
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