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Event management is complicated and conference organisers need more than just software.

Firebird provides unparalleled customer service to help at every step of the process.

The right start

Project Set Up

We work with you to setup your project right from the start. Our tools make it easy to configure your project to be exactly what it needs to be.

From interactive dashboards, branded emails, bespoke themeing and tailored workflow, everything you need to get the right project is at your fingertips.

Project Start
Business Analysis
Understanding you

Business Analysis

No-one can understand your needs quite like our team. Simply put, we've developed the software with you in mind.

Whether you have complicated requirements or just need a simple solution, we've designed software that can be configured to meet your needs.

That's where we add real value. Not only are we the ones with the right software, we understand your processes and interpret your requirements without the techno-babble.

We can discuss your event & any special requirements and translate them into a project tailored for you. Its all part of our analysis service.

Always here for you

Ongoing Service

Our support team is unrivalled. With many years experience providing technical and business support for end users, we have all the expertise you will need.

With our service level agreement, you can be sure your request gets dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Choose the means of communication and service levels to suit your project. From simple email requests to real-time instant messaging - whatever you need we'll be there.

Great System
"You guys have been great - I think Firebird is a great system"
Anne Ormston, Heriot Watt University
Need some help?

Talk to us

Every event is different and it can be confusing knowing what you need for your particular project.

We also understand that for first timers, the entire process can be extremely daunting which is why we provide more than software. For us, it's about giving you a personalised service too.

Come and talk to our experts who have personally supported thousands of events across every imaginable industry and academic subject.

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