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Firebird uses the latest technology to bring you state of the art software designed to solve real life business problems.

Works everywhere

Any Platform, Any Device

Firebird is built using modern tools making it accessible from any device, operating system and modern browser.

No more MAC or PC compatibility problems and our software is mobile and tablet friendly too.
Any Platform
Very very fast

Performance & Scalability

Firebird is built on Microsoft Azure to give you world class performance, scalability and reliability.

With access to over 30 data centres world wide, Firebird can provide a fast and scalable service for your event.

No more performance problems as you approach your submission deadline.
Very very safe

Security and Backup

Firebird benefits from all the security features you would expect from Microsoft. Additionally, Firebird ensures your data is protected through the use of secure TLS encryption.

We backup and securely retain your data frequently and keep each backup for a minimum of 12 months in different data centres around the world to ensure that your data can be recovered.

Firebird partners with Auth0 to minimise the risk of compromised user accounts and security breaches.

Firebird partners with FoxyCart to deliver secure online payments for your delegates and other customers. FoxyCart are PCI DSS compliant and are certified as a Level 1 Service Provider.
See for yourself


We've prepared a few demo websites and videos where you can try out or see some of our features.

Please feel free to give them a try or Contact Us for a personalised tour.

The Right Technology
"From the start, we wanted Firebird to use modern, scalable technology that would provide a secure and reliable service."
Paul Bullivant, Firebird
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Every event is different and it can be confusing knowing what you need for your particular project.

We also understand that for first timers, the entire process can be extremely daunting which is why we provide more than software. For us, it's about giving you a personalised service too.

Come and talk to our experts who have personally supported thousands of events across every imaginable industry and academic subject.

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