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Feature Basic Standard Enterprise
Cloud based secure hosting Cloud based secure hosting
Our software runs in the cloud in very secure data centres, so no need for you to worry about security or backups. Read more...
Cloud based secure hosting included in Basic Cloud based secure hosting included in Standard Cloud based secure hosting included in Enterprise
Advanced Dashboard Advanced Dashboard
No more jumping between screens to get an overview of your project. Our dashboard gives you relevant information at your finger tips saving you time and effort.
Advanced Dashboard included in Basic Advanced Dashboard included in Standard Advanced Dashboard included in Enterprise
Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
Get your whole team involved at no extra cost. Our software comes with unlimited users including administrators, reviewers, submitters and authors.
Unlimited Users included in Basic Unlimited Users included in Standard Unlimited Users included in Enterprise
Single Sign On Single Sign On
Running more than one project? With Firebird, there's no need to have different user accounts for different projects. Our single sign on means that users can access all their projects from one account saving time and hassle.
Single Sign On included in Basic Single Sign On included in Standard Single Sign On included in Enterprise
Social Login Social Login
Don't keep your users waiting. Social Login saves time by allowing users to log in using their Linked In or Google accounts so no more time consuming sign up screens.
Social Login included in Basic Social Login included in Standard Social Login included in Enterprise
Micro Workflow Micro Workflow
Micro Workflow enables your project to have different submissions in different stages at the same time E.g. No need to close submissions to start reviewing. Micro Workflow maximises convenience and flexibility for all your users.
Micro Workflow included in Basic Micro Workflow included in Standard Micro Workflow included in Enterprise
Change Theme Change Theme
Choose from a wide range of customised themes so that your project colours are consistent with your organisation/conference brand to reassure users and improve their experience.
Change Theme included in Standard Change Theme included in Enterprise
Custom Themes & Branding Custom Themes & Branding
Have a seamless experience for users as they navigate from your project website to the Firebird system by precisely matching fonts, colours and images using our in-house design service.
Custom Themes & Branding included in Enterprise
Business Analysis Service Business Analysis Service
Need help seeing the wood from the trees in your complex event? Not sure how things fit together? Our Business Analysis service will help convert a list of requirements into a tailored project just for you saving you time and pre-event stress. Read more...
Business Analysis Service included in Enterprise
Submitting (Read more...)
Submitter's Dashboard Submitter's Dashboard
Give your submitters a single place to add their submission, find out information and help about your event and see how their submissions are progressing. The dashboard keeps your submitters engaged with your event and reduces the amount of support your team need to give them. Read more...
Submitter's Dashboard included in Basic Submitter's Dashboard included in Standard Submitter's Dashboard included in Enterprise
Customisable Submitter's Dashboard Customisable Submitter's Dashboard
The customisable dashboard keeps your submitters experience on brand for a seamless expereince.
Customisable Submitter's Dashboard included in Standard Customisable Submitter's Dashboard included in Enterprise
Unlimited Submissions Unlimited Submissions
We don't charge a per submission fee. No need to worry about runaway costs or having to spend time removing incomplete submissions to keep your costs down. NOTE: Basic package limited to 100 submissions.
Unlimited Submissions included in Standard Unlimited Submissions included in Enterprise
Customisable Submission Questions Customisable Submission Questions
Whatever information you need from your users, we can store it in their submissions using customisable questions including: Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Rich Text and File Uploads.
Customisable Submission Questions included in Basic Customisable Submission Questions included in Standard Customisable Submission Questions included in Enterprise
Submission Form Editor Submission Form Editor
Quickly and easily edit your submission form(s) with our WYSIWYG form editor. Last minute changes are no problem with all edits being instantly available to your users. Read more...
Submission Form Editor included in Standard Submission Form Editor included in Enterprise
Hidden Submission Fields Hidden Submission Fields
Let Firebird store all your data in one place without worrying about who can see it. Take control and make sure Reviewers don't see data for Submitters only; or make sure Moderators have access to data that reviewers can't see.
Hidden Submission Fields included in Basic Hidden Submission Fields included in Standard Hidden Submission Fields included in Enterprise
Show Status to Submitters Show Status to Submitters
Control whether your submitters can see the status (Accepted, Rejected, Review) of their submissions giving them up to the minute information and reducing the time you spend answering submitter quesions.
Show Status to Submitters included in Standard Show Status to Submitters included in Enterprise
Configurable Workflow (Multiple Stages) Configurable Workflow (Multiple Stages)
Our configurable workflow means you can have multiple submision, reviewing and rework rounds to ensure that you get the best quality submissions for your project. Read more...
Configurable Workflow (Multiple Stages) included in Standard Configurable Workflow (Multiple Stages) included in Enterprise
Advanced Workflow Advanced Workflow
Perhaps your project needs different workflows for different types of submission; maybe Oral presentations need a different review form to Posters? Whatever the complexity, our team can configure an advanced workflow for your project.
Advanced Workflow included in Enterprise
Reviewing (Read more...)
Reviewer's Dashboard Reviewer's Dashboard
Give your reviewers a single place to manage their reviews, find out information about the review process, and download information packs with all the submission data they need. The customisable dashboard makes life easy for your reviewers and reduces the amount of support your team need to give them. Read more...
Reviewer's Dashboard included in Basic Reviewer's Dashboard included in Standard Reviewer's Dashboard included in Enterprise
Standard Peer Reviewing
Standard Peer Reviewing included in Basic Standard Peer Reviewing included in Standard Standard Peer Reviewing included in Enterprise
Blind Reviewing Blind Reviewing
Keep your submitters anonymous with our blind reviewing feature. Reviewers won't be able to see any personal data about the submitters or authors to guarantee fair reviewing.
Blind Reviewing included in Standard Blind Reviewing included in Enterprise
Show Reviews to Submitters Show Reviews to Submitters
Control whether submitters can see the reviewer feedback, scores or any other review information reducing the amount of time you spend answering submitter questions.
Show Reviews to Submitters included in Standard Show Reviews to Submitters included in Enterprise
Reviewer Sign Up Reviewer Sign Up
Increase your pool of reviewers by allowing them to sign up for your project. Customise their application form and then review and select the ones that will really add value to your project and reduce the pressure to get those reviews done on time.
Reviewer Sign Up included in Enterprise
Data Uploads
Data Uploads included in Standard Data Uploads included in Enterprise
Committee Moderation (Read more...)
Moderator's Dashboard Moderator's Dashboard
Let your moderators see all their data in once place, including their reviewers, reviews, progress charts and online help. The customisable dashboard makes life easy for your moderators to stay in control and help make your project a total success. Read more...
Moderator's Dashboard included in Standard Moderator's Dashboard included in Enterprise
Committee Overview
Committee Overview included in Standard Committee Overview included in Enterprise
Committee Administration
Committee Administration included in Enterprise
Standard Reports Standard Reports
With over 30 standard Excel, Word and PDF reports available, you will have the data you need in the right format all available from the Reporting Dashboard. No more hunting around to find the information you need.
Standard Reports included in Basic Standard Reports included in Standard Standard Reports included in Enterprise
Full data download Full data download
Get ALL your data out of our system at ANY time with a single click. Download a permanent record of your project that will last long after your event has finished. This single download saves you time and effort and includes all reports as well as all the data and files uploaded to your project.
Full data download included in Basic Full data download included in Standard Full data download included in Enterprise
Export to Excel Export to Excel
Save time with our nicely formatted Excel exports that are extremely easy to use. No more time spent formatting awkward CSV or Text downloads.
Export to Excel included in Basic Export to Excel included in Standard Export to Excel included in Enterprise
Export to Word/PDF Export to Word/PDF
Our beautifully layed out PDF and Word documents present the information in your event in a way that is ready to pass straight on to project stakeholders and 3rd parties without having to reformat and tidy up. Just click and enjoy.
Export to Word/PDF included in Basic Export to Word/PDF included in Standard Export to Word/PDF included in Enterprise
Client / Stakeholder Portal Client / Stakeholder Portal
If you're running an event on behalf of someone else then the customisable client dashboard will enable your customer or key stakeholders to see how their project is progressing. Progress charts and statistical tiles providing a wealth of easy to digest information. They get read-only access to real-time information and you no longer have to produce time consuming reports and email updates.
Client / Stakeholder Portal included in Enterprise
Email Tracking Email Tracking
No more sending emails to your users and hoping they get through. Our communication tools include email tracking so you know that your users are getting the message.
Email Tracking included in Basic Email Tracking included in Standard Email Tracking included in Enterprise
Targeted Emails Targeted Emails
Our email templates can send targeted emails to exactly who you need. E.g. Submitters with incomplete submissions, Reviewers who haven't finished reviewing, Delegates who haven't bought tickets. Firebird can automatically select the right people for your email and even ensure duplicate emails are not sent to the same person.
Targeted Emails included in Basic Targeted Emails included in Standard Targeted Emails included in Enterprise
Personalised Emails Personalised Emails
Firebird emails are personal to your recipients. Our powerful merge fields enables us to include the right data for the right recipient keeping the content professional and relevant.
Personalised Emails included in Basic Personalised Emails included in Standard Personalised Emails included in Enterprise
Standard Email Templates Standard Email Templates
Each package comes with over 15 different email templates ready to use so you can send professional, targeted and tracked emails to key participants in your project.
Standard Email Templates included in Basic Standard Email Templates included in Standard Standard Email Templates included in Enterprise
Email Editor Email Editor
Our email editor allows you to customise content with merge fields, preview the emails and send test messages so you can see exactly what your recipients will see.
Email Editor included in Standard Email Editor included in Enterprise
Bespoke Email Templates Bespoke Email Templates
If you need something a little more bespoke (e.g. an email to submitters with accepted submissions with oral presentations in a specific Track), then our support team will create a bespoke email template for you to edit and send.
Bespoke Email Templates included in Enterprise
Publishing (Read more...)
Standard Abstract Book Standard Abstract Book
Our standard abstract book produces a publish-ready word document using best-practice layout of all your accepted abstracts saving you time.
Standard Abstract Book included in Standard Standard Abstract Book included in Enterprise
3rd Party Cloud Integration (API) 3rd Party Cloud Integration (API)
Publish and share your project data with 3rd parties using our secure API. No more copy and paste between spreadsheets - just instant access. Read more...
3rd Party Cloud Integration (API) included in Standard 3rd Party Cloud Integration (API) included in Enterprise
Configurable formatting for publishing
Configurable formatting for publishing included in Standard Configurable formatting for publishing included in Enterprise
Programme Scheduler Programme Scheduler
Build a programme using our easy to use scheduler. Read more...
Programme Scheduler included in Standard Programme Scheduler included in Enterprise
Mobile App (additional fee applies) Mobile App (additional fee applies)
Present your programme, submissions, papers and venue information using our Android and Apple compatible App. Engage your delegates before, during and after the event for a superlative user experience. Read more...
Mobile App (additional fee applies) included in Standard Mobile App (additional fee applies) included in Enterprise
*Delegate Registration (Read more...)
Delegate's Dashboard Delegate's Dashboard
Provide delegates with more than a standard registration form. Our dashboard gives you cross-sell and upsell tools as well as enriching the user experience. Read more...
Delegate's Dashboard included in Basic Delegate's Dashboard included in Standard Delegate's Dashboard included in Enterprise
Group or Single Delegate Booking Group or Single Delegate Booking
Make life easier for your delegates by allowing them to book multiple tickets for themselves, or on behalf of other users, all in one transaction.
Group or Single Delegate Booking included in Basic Group or Single Delegate Booking included in Standard Group or Single Delegate Booking included in Enterprise
Online payments Online payments
Don't suffer delays in getting paid. We've teamed up with FoxyCart to bring you support for over 70 payment gateways enabling us to easily take payment from your delegates and pay it straight into your account.
Online payments included in Basic Online payments included in Standard Online payments included in Enterprise
Early/Normal/Late fees Early/Normal/Late fees
Control when different products are available and their price points at different times to maximise your revenue.
Early/Normal/Late fees included in Basic Early/Normal/Late fees included in Standard Early/Normal/Late fees included in Enterprise
Buying Rules Buying Rules
Add dependency between products so that some items are only available to buy if others have been purchased. E.g. Only allow student ticket holders to go the the Summer BBQ.
Buying Rules included in Standard Buying Rules included in Enterprise
Purchase Order / Offline Payments Purchase Order / Offline Payments
Don't miss a sale from customers who don't have a credit card. Use our Purchase Order feature to allow your customers to make purchases and make payment later.
Purchase Order / Offline Payments included in Basic Purchase Order / Offline Payments included in Standard Purchase Order / Offline Payments included in Enterprise
Commerce Dashboard Commerce Dashboard
Understand your sales pipline, project revenue, popular items and much more with our commerce dashboard. Read more...
Commerce Dashboard included in Basic Commerce Dashboard included in Standard Commerce Dashboard included in Enterprise
Support (Read more...)
Service Level Agreement Service Level Agreement
No more waiting on a support team who never get back to you. Our SLAs ensure that our support team maintain the best of service all of the time.
Service Level Agreement included in Basic Service Level Agreement included in Standard Service Level Agreement included in Enterprise
Helpdesk Support Helpdesk Support
Send us an email and get your request immediately logged in our helpdesk. Your job gets prioritised and actioned by our dedicated support team.
Helpdesk Support included in Basic Helpdesk Support included in Standard Helpdesk Support included in Enterprise
Phone/Skype Support Phone/Skype Support
Get a direct line to our support team for instant answers to those difficult or urgent issues.
Phone/Skype Support included in Standard Phone/Skype Support included in Enterprise
Instant Live Chat Support Instant Live Chat Support
Don't wait for a reply to your email. Use text messages to instantly chat with a member of our support team for quick and friendly help.
Instant Live Chat Support included in Enterprise

All prices exclusive of VAT where applicable.

*Delegate registration and E-Commerce online payments are subject to a gateway handling fee PLUS your merchant account fee. You may provide your own merchant account or use our services to manage all payments on your behalf.

Volume discounts and fixed term contracts are available – please Contact Us for details.
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