Author Limits

It is normal to receive submissions that have a number of authors that have contributed to the work. Whilst there may only be a single submitter, there may be more authors that should be named in the submission. However, it is not impossible for these numbers to be considerably large, there are instances of submissions having over 50 contributing authors. You may decide that this is not something that you wish to support so you would like to apply a cap on the number of authors that can be added.

This control over the number of authors that can be added applies both to a maximum number and a minimum number. It makes sense in most events to apply a minimum of 1 author to the submission. This will ensure you have at least one person listed as an author.

You are fully in control of the restrictions you place on the data you collect, specifically in this case, the minimum or maximum number of authors that can be added to the submission.

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