Our Submitting module allows you to collect abstracts, papers, awards, or any other content that you need for your project.

You can collect the information all at once using a single submission form or use a number of forms, at different times, as part of a submission and review process.

The whole experience is branded for your event and your submitters are kept engaged at all times.


Academic, scientifc, corporate or any other type of abstract.


Collect award applications or nominations.


Papers, presentations, videos or any other content.


Symposia, Roundtables, Workshops, Seminars.


Collect Sponsor and Exhibitor marketing material.

Application Forms

Scholarships, Board Nominations, Job Applications, Grants.

"Our software creates an amazing experience for your submitters whilst capturing high quality data for your event."
Paul Bullivant, Firebird
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Every event is different and it can be confusing knowing what you need for your particular project.

We also understand that for first timers, the entire process can be extremely daunting which is why we provide more than software. For us, it's about giving you a personalised service too.

Come and talk to our experts who have personally supported thousands of events across every imaginable industry and academic subject.

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