Tracks & Categories

Categorise your submissions by collecting track information from your submitters. Each submission can have multiple categories giving you total control.

Let your submitters choose the category or use special fields that are only visible to your team.

Categorisation of your submissions can help with reviewer assignment, sorting and filtering and reporting.

Tracks & Categories

Unlimited Categorisation

Add multiple categories to your submissions.

Multiple Choice Fields

Ask multiple choice questions with built in search.

Multiple Select Fields

Multiple choice questions with more than one answer.

Share Options

Share multiple choice options between questions.

Limits Per Category

Control the submissions per submitter for each category.

Screenshot Unlimited Categorisation

Unlimited Categorisation

Add as many categorisation questions as you need to your submissions.

Whether you are collecting award categorisation, abstract track, review scores, or anything else; you can use Firebird to collect as many dimensions you need from your users.

Once collected, you will be able to sort and filter your submissions using our powerful grids and reports.

Multiple Choice Fields

Ask any multiple choice questions in your forms. The dropdown lists have a built in search and options can be grouped together to make it easier for users to find the option they need.

Each option can be given a numerical value so that they can be converted into a score. This is useful for scoring reviews or being able to sort submissions.

Screenshot Multiple Choice Fields
Screenshot Multiple Select Fields

Multiple Select Fields

Ask multiple choice questions that can have multiple answers.

This is useful with category questions where submissions fall into more than one category. The dropdown lists have a built in search and options can be grouped together to make it easier for users to find the options they need.

Share Options

Define your multiple choice options once and then reuse them across multiple fields.

This is useful when you have submissions with a category that you want to match up to Reviewers who specialise in those categories. It makes assignment much easier.

Sharing options between reviewers and submissions helps when defining auto assignment rules

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