Weighted Scoring

Scores collected in the review form can be weighted, as required, to produce the most meaningful information for your submissions and reviews.

These scores can then be combined into a total score that is correctly weighted. This means that a single combined score can be quickly assessed to determine the quality of any one submission and to make decisions about that submission.


In this example, a review has two questions:

  • Technical Merit
  • Relevance of Topic

Each questions allows the reviewer to choose from a range of multiple choice options in their review form. In this example, the scores for each question follow a simple linear scale with no weighting:

Technical Merit

Grade Score
Excellent 5
Good 4
Average 3
Poor 2
Very Poor 1

Relevance of Topic

Grade Score
Very Relevant 3
Slightly Relevant 2
Not Relevant 1

However, it may be that Technical Merit is more important than Relevance of Topic when assessing a submission and so the individual scores could be given a weighting. Also, it may be that Excellent Technical Merit needs a stronger weighting so that it stands out from the rest even if the submission is not relevant.

So, this revised scoring could be implemented to give a better idea of how good a submission is for the project:

Technical Merit

Grade Weighted Score
Excellent 10
Good 6
Average 4
Poor 2
Very Poor 0

Relevance of Topic

Grade Weighted Score
Very Relevant 2
Slightly Relevant 1
Not Relevant 0

For each project, any number of questions, options and scores can be configured to help get the perfect scoring system.

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