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Our software is made up of different modules, each providing different features and benefits for your event.

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Gathering data

Collect abstracts, papers, posters, presentations, award applications and any other information using our customisable submission forms.

Engage with your authors using our submissions dashboard for providing information about your event and keeping submitters up to date.

Ensuring quality

Peer review your submissions using our customisable review forms. Collect scores and gradings and control feedback to your authors.

Make life easy for your reviewers with the reviewing dashboard offering clear instructions and allowing quick and easy reviewing and grading.

Balanced oversight

Let your committee members oversee and manage the reviewing process to ensure that the quality and consistency of reviewing is maintained for your event.

Allow committee members to upload, assign and moderate reviewers and keep control using the Moderations dashboard.

Iterate and improve

Allow authors to update and improve their submissions following review.

Guide different submitters down different workflows depending on the type of submissions and their reviewing results.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Use our reviewing dashboard to give you total oversight of the reviewing process allowing quick and informed decisions to be made.

Use our bulk editing tools to quickly mark submissions as accepted, rejected or requiring further rework.

Tell the world

Process your accepted submissions to make them ready for publishing using our bulk editing tools.

Create an abstract book using a template layout that matches your branding and requirements.

Use our mobile App to share submissions with delegates attending your event. Integrate with 3rd parties and quickly supply your published data using our API.

Invite guests

Sell tickets, social events, merchandise, exhibitor space, sponsorship or anything else using our customisable commerce dashboard.

Customise the rules and ticket combinations that are allowed for your event and link tickets to submissions so you know which presenters are attending.

Use the commerce tools to upsell additional items to delegates and maximise the revenue for your conference.

See for yourself

We've prepared a few demo websites and videos where you can try out or see some of our features.

Please feel free to give them a try or Contact Us for a personalised tour.

Flexible Software
"With Firebird, we've managed to solve a number of business problems all in one very flexible software package."
Dan Carroll, Firebird
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