Ensuring quality
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Your army of helpers

Knowing who your reviewers are, communicating with them and providing an easy process are the three main things you need in place to achieve a smooth reviewing process.

Bulk upload, specialist areas and multiple methods of assignment make a laborious job much easier.

Keep it simple

Provide a simple interface for reviewers to see what they have done, what they need to do and the basic information they need to move forward.

Detailed instructions, along with access to information make the dashboard a very useful tool.

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Positive feedback
Intelligent Reviews

Allow reviews to be considered complete even when there are conflicts of interest

Problem Solved
Problem Solved

Reviewers with a conflict of interest were never able to complete their review.

Moreover, declaring a conflict and leaving a score (in order to have the review considered complete) will not be included and not affect the average score.

Save the rainforest
Accessing Data

Traditionally, it has been hard for reviewers to access the submission they were reviewing and the review they are supposed be filling out at the same time. Not everyone has a photographic memory or multiple monitors!

Most reviewers tell us stories of printing out great reams of submissions in order to complete a simple review. Not any more!

Reviewers can now choose how they want to access data:
  • Publishing preview
  • Full submission details
  • Mini abstract book
  • Excel spreadsheets
We provide all the tools you can think of to make the reviewer’s job so much easier.
It's not all numbers
Complex Scoring

With numerical scoring, there is so much statistical analysis you can do. Not just to the submissions themselves, but also the reviewers.

Weight the review scores accordingly to get an accurate picture of the best submission you have.

Not all reviewing involves numbers, not to worry, we have an intelligent processing system that will tally up reviews, provide mean data and generally help you make the best decision possible.

It's good to talk

There’s nothing better than receiving a well branded, highly informative and easy to understand email. That’s what we provide.

Administrators have the ability to target different groups of reviewers, provide specific data relevant to that reviewer only and instructions on what to do next.

Use the communications tool and the dashboard feeds to see who didn’t receive the email before the deadline approaches and panic ensues.

The communications module allows you to stay on top of the process and avoid problems before they can even think of happening.

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Next Steps

Allow committee members to oversee and manage the reviewing process.

"Reviewing is difficult and time consuming and relies on volunteers giving up their time. Let's make it really easy for them."
Dan Carroll, Firebird
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Every event is different and it can be confusing knowing what you need for your particular project.

We also understand that for first timers, the entire process can be extremely daunting which is why we provide more than software. For us, it's about giving you a personalised service too.

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