Iterate and improve
Sample Workflow
Keeping track

Your workflow process does not have to stop at reviewing.

There is so much more you can do to improve the quality of the papers presented on the day.

Create your own workflow process that includes as many re-reviewes and re-submissions as you wish.

Constructive criticism

Feedback reviewers' scores and comments directly to submitters to help them improve their submission.

Moderate reviewers' feedback to keep it constructive and useful.

Rework Feedback
Iterate and improve
Reworked submissions

Submitters have the chance to take on board the constructive comments and improve any aspect of their submission.

Collect new versions of papers or allow old data to be overwritten by the revised version.

Build a version history of uploaded papers or keep it simple: the last paper uploaded is always the latest and best.

Reduce administration work

Use the same familiar submission process for submitters to resubmit.

Build a familiarity that allows the submitter to intuitively pass through the process as easily as possible.

Allow certain data to be updated as situations change e.g. change of presenter or new author on-board.

Keep the responsibility of submission accuracy on those who know it best - your submitters.

Check the changes

Its always a good idea to make sure that submitters have taken on board the reviewer's recommendations to improve their submissions using a number of options:

  • Use the same set of reviewers reviewing the same submissions with the same criteria.
  • Change any part of the original reviewing form.
  • Use a new set of reviewers and a new reviewing form with a different set of questions.
Next Steps

Use our reviewing dashboard to give you total oversight of the reviewing process allowing quick and informed decisions to be made.

"We realised that your event is unique to you and so we built configurable workflows right at the heart of our software."
Paul Bullivant, Firebird
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