Gathering data
Collect content

Our Submitting module allows you to collect abstracts, papers, award applications or any other content you need for your event.

Collect content all at once using a single submission form or use a number of forms at different times as part of a submission and review process.

Screenshot submitting/submitters-dashboard
Incredible new interface

Pull together all the content you want to use to give your submitters the richest experience.

From image galleries, twitter feeds, video or simply illustrated submitting instructions, your users have the best possible chance of engaging with your event.

Make it yours

If colours, images, logos, fonts and branding are important to you or your client then we have you covered.

Use one of our built-in themes, define your own bootstrap theme or work together with our designers to custom build a theme that works for you.

Screenshot submitting/themes
Screenshot submitting/forms
Power to you

Knowing exactly what data you want to extract and putting the questions together in a way that makes it easier for your submitters will reap rewards.

Use our highly flexible tools to define the questions you need. Make changes in real time and watch the forms take shape.

Repeat questions, overwrite existing answers, show previous data: the options are endless and our team is on hand to help.

Problem Solved
Problem Solved

Our customers told us they lose a lot of time making small administrative changes close to or during the event e.g. when an author changes or the presenter can't make it.

You can allow submitters to make minor changes or repeat author questions to make sure the data is always perfectly accurate. No more time consuming changes, let the submitters take responsibility for their data.

Keeping track

Only now can you define your workflow. Do you need to keep the submission form open whilst some submissions are under review?

You can have abstracts being submitted whilst the paper stage is open.

You can use different forms at different stages to achieve exactly what you need. Our system allows for even the most complex of workflow requirements.

Screenshot submitting/workflow
Screenshot submitting/communications
Make Contact

Communicating with your users is more than firing off some emails and hoping they get through with the right content.

Our communication tools enable personalised emails to be created, reviewed and then sent with built in message tracking.

Use the communications dashboard to see when emails are opened and links clicked. Identify troublesome users where emails are repeatedly bounced.

Next Steps

Once the submitting process is finished, peer review your submissions using customisable review forms.

"Our software creates an amazing experience for your submitters whilst capturing high quality data for your event."
Paul Bullivant, Firebird
Need some help?
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Every event is different and it can be confusing knowing what you need for your particular project.

We also understand that for first timers, the entire process can be extremely daunting which is why we provide more than software. For us, it's about giving you a personalised service too.

Come and talk to our experts who have personally supported thousands of events across every imaginable industry and academic subject.

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