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How can you know what you don’t know?

Simply, you can’t.  You can try to be better prepared, do more research, ask around or maybe learn by your mistakes but who wants to do that, more importantly, who has the time for that?

Throughout my career, not just in the events industry, I seem to be having the same conversation with my clients, mostly after the event is over. 

Client: “If only you had X, Y or Z”.

Me: “We do!”

Client: “Oh, I didn’t know.  That could have saved me some time…".

Me": “Ahhh.”

That’s the point, its a double blow – the client spends too much time on a mundane task (and we all know time is money, right?) that the computer could have been managing for them AND we could have increased revenue for a fraction of what it cost the client in terms of hours lost.

It could have been a win/win situation, how did it fail?

Well, we could have marketed more strongly and looked to upsell all our services to our clients.  Perhaps that is the correct answer but it puts us in a place that makes us no better than the careless bigger players in the market who only got there because of their aggressive sales and marketing tactics.  We wanted to be different.  We wanted the product to be key and our service to be considered outstanding.  We could have maximised short term revenue but at what cost?  We get more clients come to us having been disappointed by our rivals than any other means.  We have possibly the highest client retention rate in the industry, one we are very proud of and one we are determined to keep.

So what’s the solution?

Communication.  Not the in your face, direct, sales approach.  More about positive messages through emails, engaging videos on our website (along the lines of “Did you know we also do this?”) and pressing the idea that Firebird can be moulded to what you need.  Its working!  We are finding our clients are now happy to tell us what they need.  For too long they have been told  how to run their event (due to the limitations of systems in the past).  Only now are clients having the confidence to say “I need this…”.

That’s where Firebird has one of it’s USPs.  We have the most configurable system you will ever need.  We have worked hard to produce a system that can be configured, controlled, edited and setup the way you need it to be.

But don’t just take our word for it!  Read the testimonials, take a look at the demo and talk to us to see if we are the best fit for your next event – you will be glad you did!

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Whether you are a PCO working to an incredibly tight budget or a first time volunteer event organiser, everybody has a budget they need to work to.

Deciding how much of that budget to dedicate to conference software is a tricky task.  Here are some things to look for:

  • Value for money.

  • The right features.

  • An easy learning curve.

  • Accessible and knowledgeable support.

Value for money.

This is simple.  You should be paying the least possible for the most available.  Too many companies these days attempt to fix the cost to match your budget.  It's a bit like walking in to a car dealership and being asked "How much can you afford to pay".

Of course, there may be reasons why you may need to pay a little more - perhaps you have a very specific request that no one else can meet.  Those bespoke requirements are usually what make other providers say "No".  Be prepared to pay a little more to get exactly what you want.

The right features.

It has to have everything you need.  At the very least.

The features you need also need to be configurable so that you can "have it your way".  Don't get fooled into the normal trap of fitting into the software's capabilities (or lack of them) - you should be dictating.

An easy learning curve.

Intuitive software makes your job so much easier - that goes without saying.  Its no good using software that saves you time if you then spend that time working out how the software works.

There will be new features, things you have never seen before, and a certain amount of complexity - probably the complexity you need to deliver your event the way you want to.  Some complexity is to be expected otherwise you wouldn't have powerful and flexible software.  Keeping things easy to use is still a your provider’s responsibility and its your responsibility not to settle for anything less.

Accessible and knowledgeable support.

Have you ever contacted support and they didn't know how to help you?  Or the opposite, a clever technician but you can never get hold of them?  You will only know how frustrating this is once it is too late.

Find a product that comes with an easy to get hold of support team, lots of great support measures in place (instant chat, helpdesk, online guides etc.) and make sure you know who to deal with.  For some, nothing resolves an issue like a quick phone call – it can work better than a hundred emails and who's got time for that anyway?


In the end, this all boils down to saving you time, which saves you money (not to mention effort).  Time is the most important factor here, especially for you event organisers who seem to have less than anyone else.

If this sounds like you, it sounds like you need Firebird.

Intuitive software, easy learning curves, fully featured and flexible software, with the best support around - how can you go wrong?