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We’ve upgraded our form editor making it even easier for you to manage your form and collect high quality data from your submitters and reviewers.

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Every new project set up on the Firebird software needs to be tested to make sure forms are correct, the right data is being collected, emails look great etc.

But once the testing is done, there is a lot of test data in the projects e.g. test submissions, test orders, test emails.

Our new Reset feature enables projects to have test data cleared out and the project reset, ready to go live.


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When it comes to assigning submissions to reviewers, we provide tools to help you pair them up so that the right reviewers are reviewing the right submissions.

Our assignment screens make it easy to quickly filter and select the submissions and reviews.

But it can still take time and sometimes there are special cases for certain reviewers or maybe a reviewer drops out and you need to make tweaks.

At the end of the process, you’ll get your reviewing completed and can breath a sigh of relief.

But what if you’ve got a second round of reviewing?

You don’t want to have to go through that process again and so our Copy Review tool enables you to quickly and easily repeat the assignments from one review round to another so that they are ready to go for the next round.


You can copy all the assignments over or just the ones that were actually completed during the earlier round of reviewing so you don’t waste time chasing up reviewers who have already disengaged from the process.

Also, if you need to cherry pick individual reviews to copy then our Reviews Grid enables you to filter and select specific reviews that you want to copy to another round.


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Most payment providers will generate an email receipt for your delegates when they buy tickets for your event.  And often, that’s enough paper work for most of your customers.

But sometimes a receipt is not enough when:

  • A customer choose to pay by invoice or
  • A customer needs a detailed VAT breakdown.

Our new Invoicing functionality means that:

  • Administrators and Customers can view and download invoices for orders at any time.
  • Administrators can produce Invoice Reports with a copy of all Ordered, Paid and Cancelled Invoices.
  • Invoices can be quickly downloaded as Word or PDF.


This means you project can have a great looking, professional invoice and reduces the amount of time that project organisers need to spend helping their delegates.  In addition:

  • Invoice headers and footers are easily customised with payment information and terms.
  • Invoice layout and content is completely customisable using our html templates.
  • Invoices are automatically marked as Paid or Cancelled.