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Well, not the apocalypse, more like the ”Four A's of the Submission World” but that doesn't sound so exciting, does it?

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So, event management software isn't easy to liken to a prophecy where a quarter of the population of the earth would die, but, if you are an event organiser, you know what it can be like to have submitters, reviewers, chairs, keynotes, delegates, clients and the committee all looking at you when they have a problem.  A problem of such biblical proportions, only you can help them!

What can you do?

Well, you can choose a system that has been designed with you in mind.

Too many times I hear salesmen telling clients that the system has been designed to give the delegate a rich and amazing experience – how about the person who actually has to use it?  These are my favourite sales buzz words at the moment: Interactivity, cloud based and the absolute best, gamification.  Don't get me wrong, all these things are wonderful and the people that peddle them really have created something wonderful (hopefully).  But there's a lot to be said for having you, nothing else really, just you, in mind when giving you software to work with.

It is because You are our customer.  You are the one that has to cope with the deluge of problems, and it is you that has to decide what system you are using next year.  If I can give your delegates a great experience, if I can keep your committee, your reviewers and your submitters satisfied, then I am going to keep you happy.  But, and here is the point, any system that sells a unique user experience may be able to keep participants happy, but are they truly making your life easier, or as I suspect, is it becoming more difficult to entertain these unrealistic fads?

What do I mean?  Well, take facial recognition.  It is amazing – it truly is.  As someone with a technical degree, I love it.  But I’m a business owner now – where is the ROI?  Facial recognition has a less than 25% take up at most events, is prohibitively expensive (around £80,000 for an average event was the last quote I saw), and has an acceptable tolerance level for failures.  That means £80,000 for a quarter of the delegates and even then it doesn’t always work.  Money well spent?  Not really.  But it seemed like such a great piece of event tech – it won awards!  It is great, it’s just not practical.  But it is the latest fad and the committee wanted it.

I know that any system has to have bells and whistles, but first and foremost, I want to see you have the tools you need to do your job far more effectively.  I see conference or congress organisers work every hour there is, with no sleep in the days leading up to an event, just to make sure the supplier delivers on time.  And they do it, they always manage somehow, but they age ten years in the process.

That's what Firebird is fixing - giving you the tools to keep that swan-like appearance up.  You can achieve amazing results, do fantastic things behind the scenes and look fabulous whilst you are doing it!

You need a system that can cope with the demands you place on it.  You need a system that bends the way you want it too, especially when you only thought of an idea just now.  You need Firebird – the only system that can keep up with You.

(Picture above by Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov, not me).

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