How to Add/Edit the Email Header

This guide will show you how to make changes to the email header used for all you outgoing emails.

From your Project page, click on the Settings Tile 

In the Settings page, click the Email tile.

From the Email page you can change a number of items.  This guide is focussing on the Email Header field, which can be found among the large text area fields on this page.


If you cannot find a field named Email Header then it may not exist - please contact Firebird Support for more help.

The Email Header field supports HTML and this is how we use an image to be displayed in the emails.  Click on Source to change to the HTML editor.

Most headers take the following format - feel free to copy and paste this snippet as a base for your own header:

<img href="" width="400" /\>

For your conference you may wish to change the alt tag to the name of your event.

In order to show the correct image, we need to make sure the image has already been uploaded to the system.  Most administrators will use the existing project logo as the header image.


See How to Change Logo for more information.

You will need to replace the XXX in the snippet above with the correct id number of the image you wish to use.  To find the id number of the image, follow these steps.

  1. Locate the image file you wish to use.  In the example below, I am using the Project Logo image.

  1. Click anywhere underneath the image but within the boundary of the object.  The mouse pointer will remain as a pointer, if it turns to anything else


A hand icon, please move the mouse until it resembles the pointer once again.  When you click, a new speech bubble will open containing the full URL to this image.

  1. Make a note of the full URL to the image, or just the final id number, in this case 15640.  Enter this into the Email Header field containing the code snippet above.

  1. Click once again on Source to see a preview of the image.

Change/Edit the appearance of the image

You may decide that the image is too small or large for the email.  Locate the Email Header field once again, click on Source and edit the image attributes.  The simplest way to change the size of the image is to manipulate the width parameter.  In our example, we were using Width=400.  This measurement is in pixels and can be changed to find the correct size of image for your emails.  You can edit the size and click on Source once again to see a preview.  Repeat this process until you are happy with the size.

Changing the image


for more information.

If you would like to use an image other than the Project Logo, then you can upload a new image to the Shared Files field.  Please follow the steps in the guide on How to Change Logo in order to add new files to the Shared Files field.


If you cannot find a field named Shared Files then it may not exist - please contact Firebird Support to have it added.

Once you have the new image uploaded to the system, you can use the same technique above to find the id number and use it in the source filed of the image tag in the HTML.

Checking the new email header

Once you are happy with the header, you should go back to the Communications module and preview a message template to make sure it looks correct.

The final test should be to send yourself a test email and check what the image looks like when you receive the email.