Message Templates Overview

Message Templates control the emails sent out by the Firebird software.

Page Description
List View and manage a list of message templates.
View View a single message template.
Edit Edit and configure a single message template.
Testing Test the message produced by the message template.
Create Create draft messages using message templates.
Send Send draft messages using message templates.
Automatic Email Send draft messages using message templates.

Important points to note

The following points are important:

These emails are all live, even in any test system you may have with us. Only the Send Test Email feature sends a test email to the email address you specify.

There are certain aspects we want to bring to your attention:

  • Do not double click any button. This may have the unfortunate consequence of repeating the functionality twice. This could include creating the messages twice or sending them out twice.

  • There is only delete functionality for messages that have been created – we advise using this wisely. Please make sure of the actions you are performing as some cannot be undone. If you are in doubt, use the Help Me feature to contact Firebird Support.