Edit Recipients

Edit Message Template Recipients


This is an advanced feature recommended for advanced users.

For most scenarios, the default setting of People Without Draft Messages is perfectly adequate and does not need changing. If you are unsure, please contact Firebird Support.

The Edit Recipients section provides two main features:

  • To configure the target group of intended recipients (advanced).
  • The ability to view the list of recipients for this message.

The options to choose from when targeting the recipients for this message.

Choosing the Target Group

The recipient list is automatically chosen by the system, however there are further configuration options available to the administrator depending on what has happened previously with this message template.

There are four options to choose from when configuring the recipients:

  • People Without Messages – People who have not been sent a message using this template already.

  • People Without Draft Messages (default) – People who do not have an existing draft (unsent) message using this template.

  • People With Changed Data – People whose data may have changed since the last set of messages were created.

  • All People – All people identified by the system as being part of the target group regardless of whether they have already been sent a message or a draft (unsent) message already exists (potentially a duplicate will be created).

Knowing when to use the different options is the key.


If you have sent out Acceptance emails to Oral presenters already and you decide to accept a new submission as an Oral presentation, the submitter of that newly accepted submission will not have been told about their submission being accepted. You also do not want to send out the email again to all submitters of accepted oral submissions. By clicking on People Without Messages the system will first find the set of recipients who have a submission marked as both Accepted and Oral and will then filter out anyone who has already received a message using this template. That will leave the subset of recipients who have not yet had a message, allowing you to send to just this group.

Viewing Recipient Details

Once you have chosen the group to target, you are able to check the number of intended recipients and also the individual email addresses and names of those recipients that the messages are going out to.

Just click on See Details to see the list of email address and names.

A selected group of recipients to target.

The selected group of recipients with full email and name details shown (after clicking See Details).