Message Templates List

From the Communications Dashboard click on Message Templates to show the list of message templates.

The list shows the Message Templates that are available and some meta-data about each template.

A list of Message Templates using the standard grid layout


See Grid for more information on filtering and sorting.

Header Buttons

There are a number of buttons above the list of Message Templates.

Add New Template

Add a new template to the list of templates by copying an existing one.

Delete Message Templates

Delete the Message Templates that have been selected in the grid.

Cross Clone Selected Message Templates


This button is available to System Administrator only.

Copy a Message Template from this project to another project.

Grid Buttons

There are also buttons available for each Message Template in the grid and can be found at the beginning of each row:


This will open a slide out panel details of the Message Template.


This will display the main screen for a single message template where the Message Template can be configured. See View Message Template.


This provides a preview of the message template. See Preview Message Template.


This is a Quick Create feature that creates and the emails without further configuration. See Create.