Message Template Testing

There are three ways to test a Message Template:

  • Preview.
  • Send Test Message.
  • Create Draft Messages.


This provides the administrator with a preview of the message template with the current settings applied.

The Preview feature this will show the first email in the set to be created in a slide out panel with the merge fields resolved for the first recipient of the message.

Previewing a message template

The Previous and Next buttons help you cycle through the messages that would be created (with the current set of configuration options) to check other messages.

This is especially useful if you have included sections that deal with single objects (such as submissions or reviews) and multiple objects. For instance, if you are sending out Acceptance emails, you may have a submitter with multiple accepted submissions.

Rather than receive multiple emails, we can include all their accepted submissions in a single email and the wording can be changed to reflect with the single or multiple items.


Clicking on Preview may generate a warning: Preview Warning This can happen if there is no data available to build the preview. You will need to edit your data to generate the scenario where the message can be created.

Send Test Message

This feature will allow you to send out a single test email to an email address of your choosing. You are able to choose if you would like to test the plain text version of the email.

The first message in the set of emails to be sent is used and the merge fields are resolved for the first recipient of the message. (See Edit Recipients).

Sending a test message

Create Draft Messages

If you are happy with how the preview and test messages look then one final test would be to create the draft messages before you send them out.

See Create Messages for more information.