Viewing a Message Template.

Message Templates can be viewed by clicking on View button in the Message Templates Grid.

The view of a Message Template

This page is made up of a number of elements:

Header Buttons

The buttons available at any one time is dependent on how far along in the process of configuring and sending the template you are. At the beginning of the process the following buttons are available:

Button Description
Edit Edit the content of the template.
Clone Template Clone this template to provide a new template.
History Display a full breakdown of the history of the template.
Edit Recipients Choose the target recipients.
Preview Preview the message that will be sent out.
Send Test Message Send a sample email to an email address of your choice.
Create Create draft messages for this message template.
Delete Not currently available.

If the message template has been used to Create messages then the screen will contain two additional buttons:

The message template page after the messages have been created

Button Description
Send Send out any draft messages
View Messages View all messages generated by this message template.

Clone Template

Cloning a template will take an exact copy of the current message template, with the existing filters, message content and configuration. The only change will be the name of the message template – the new template will be called Copy of and then the name of the original message template.

When you click Clone Template it will take you straight to your cloned template, ready to edit.

The new template will also appear at the end of the Message Templates Grid.


This page will show the history of the Message Template. There is very little history when you first use the Message Template. The history will fill up over time.

The history of this Message Template



This button is only available after messages have been Created.

Send the Draft messages created by this message template.

See Send for more information.

View Messages


This button is only available after messages have been Created

This page will list all the messages that have been created by this template and their status. If the messages were created without sending, the status will be Draft.

See View Messages for more information.

Monitoring Progress

Once emails are sent, their progress can be monitored in the following ways:

  • The Message Template view page will show the status of each message created by the template.
  • The Messages grid shows the individual status of each message.
  • The Communications Dashboard has feeds indicating message progress.