Getting Help

There are lots of screens and settings in your Firebird project and at times you may need a bit of help to find your way. There are a number of tools available to help you out.

Page Help

Most pages have an "?" icon in the top right hand corner that will give you help on the page you are on.  Click on it to find out more about your page and what you can do.

Help Articles

This article you are reading right now is one of many articles that have been produced to help you with common tasks.  Our Documentation Home Page lists all the sections.

Help Me Button

On each screen, there is a Help Me button on the right hand side.  This will send the Firebird support team a screenshot and a message.  This will raise a ticket in our helpdesk system and one of the Firebird team will get back to you.

Live Online Chat

The Live Online Chat button in the bottom left hand cornder gives you instant access to one of our support team and enables you to ask a question and get an immediate response.


You can email us at anytime at where one of our support staff will promptly get back to you.