Project Settings

This article gives an overview of the settings pages in a Firebird project.

Firebird is extremely configurable and the settings page provides a number of tools that can be used for configuring a project:


The theme pages enable you to change the colour scheme for your project so that it matches your project branding.


The switches page enables you to turn switches on and off such as turning blind reviewing on and off, whether submitters can see reviews etc.


Share the project with other administrators you want to help you manage the project and clients you want to be able to see the latest information about your project.


Change help text, email headers and footers, project logos etc using the main edit screen.


See a list of forms, create and edit forms to help with the submitting and reviewing process.


Configure how grids and reports look by adding and editing templates.


View the workflow for your project to see what stages your submissions


Abstract Submission, Abstract Review, Paper, Paper Review, Paper Rework, Accepted.