Authenticating with the API

The Firebird API uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication

Currently, Firebird only supports the Client Credentials grant type to obtain an access token outside of the context of a user.  This grant type enables access to all published data for a project within Firebird. Currently, only the client_id is required to access published data.

The following screenshots use PostMan to demonstrate the fetching of data from the Firebird API but you can use any suitable client. (See API Examples for examples).

The examples in this article use the fictitious Deep Space Mining 2025 Project which you are free to use for testing the API.

Create a new POST request with the following:

Property Value
Request URL
grant_type client_credentials

Make sure the grant_type and client_id are in the Body of the request and that x-www-form-urlencoded is selected.


In this example, the Client Id for the Deep Space Mining 2025 Project is used but you can replace this with the Client Id of your own project.

Click Send.

The server will return JSON containing the Bearer Token/Access Code which you will require to fetch data.


The Access Token expires after 24 hours at which point you will need to fetch a new token using this method.

Make a note of your Access Token (It will be different to the one in this screenshot).

Once you have your Access Token, you can fetch data from your project, see Fetching Data using the API.