Project Settings Screen

The Settings screen is used to control all aspects of how a project is configured.

Edit Settings


A new settings page is coming soon

Each Project has a number of Settings set to control the behaviour of the Project.

Setting Description
Change Theme Change the colours and fonts used for the project.
Switches Control various settings for different modules in the project.
Share Add additional Project Administrators to the project.
Edit All Edit all project data like Deadlines etc for the project.
Dates and Deadlines Edit any dates and deadlines for the project.
Email Edit email addresses, common headers and footers for emails sent out by the system.
Dashboard Content Edit the content tiles that appear on user facing dashboards.
Files and Logo Edit the Project Logo and upload shared files to be accessible to users E.g. Template Word Documents.
Help Me Configuration Configure how the Help Me feature will work.
Login Sceen Configure the Login Screen for users.
Project Information Configure basic project information like name and venue.
Invoice Content Configure the text to display at the top and bottom of invoices generated by the system.
Forms Manage the Forms used in the project to collect data from submitters and Reviewers.
Fields Manage the data collected and stored in the project.
Organisations Manage the organisations that people can be affiliated with.
Templates Edit the templates used for creating reports, configuring grids and building the online programme.
Project Log See details of changes made in the project.
History See recent changes made in the project.
Reset Reset all the data (but not the settings) in the project.
Tasks Manage Tasks to automate key activities.
Submission Types Manage the types of submission collected in the project.
Contributor Types Manage the types of contributors collected in the project.
Review Types Manage the types of review collected in the project.
Reviewing Types Manage the types of reviewer in the project.
Workflows Manage the submission workflows in the project.
Assignment Rules Manage how reviewers are assigned to submissions.
Programme Definitions Manage how programmes are configured.
Commerce Settings Configure the Commerce Module.
APIs Let 3rd party software extract data from the project.
Publish Versions See a history of all data that has been published.
Integrations Connect to 3rd party software.