Reset Project

When your project is first set up, administrators will normally test to check that the project is set up correctly.

This can include creating test submissions, test orders and sending out test emails.

Once all the testing is completed, it is nice to be able to reset the project to clear out all the test data so that the project is ready to go live.

This article describes how to clear out data from your project.

Go to the Settings page

Click on the Reset button to get the Reset Project slide out panel

Depending on your project, you will get a number of options in the Reset slide out panel.

Indicate the parts of the system you want to reset by moving the toggles from No to Yes.

IMPORTANT;  Read the information about what is deleted carefully. Data will be deleted permanently. Once the reset is done, the data cannot be recovered.

Once you have chosen enter the project code into the box and the Reset button will be enabled and ready to click.

Click on the Reset button and the selected data will be permanently deleted.