Online Programme Navigate Data Function

The Navigate function is used to change the page.  It is used with the Context and Output data tags to define the Template to use for the new page.  It may also used with the Id data tag to identify the object to be displayed, if applicable.

It is not necessary to create the Navigate function directly in the page template.  To save time, each object in the JSON contains a Navigate property that will resolve to a Navigate function data tag that contains all relevant Context, Output and Id required for navigation to the object.

For example:

<div {{Navigate}}>
  <!-- Div contents go here -->

The Navigate JSON property can be added to any html element in order to navigate to that object

<div "data-function='Navigate' data-context='Entry' data-output='ItemPage' data-id='7212' data-parametertype='EntryDefinition' data-parametervalue='b8efce33-2c84-4290-ba65-991a03ef305d'">
  <!-- Div contents go here -->

The Navigate JSON property for an Entry resolves to the Navigate function data tag and supporting data tags

Data Tags