How to Moderate Submission Reviews

If you're a committee member, category chair, forum leader, or other kind of moderator then you'll need an easy way to moderate the reviews that have been made about the submissions in your project.

Reviewing Submissions and Reviews

As a moderator, you would have been sent a link to you My Moderations dashboard. Each project has different features turned on and off so no two dashboards are the same, but your dashboard will look something like the screenshot below.  Find and click on the Allocations button.

You will see a list of all the submissions that have been allocated to you:

You can sort the Allocations by their average submission score or other fields that are available to you by clicking on the column headings.  You can also filter by using the filter boxes underneath the column headings:

For each allocated submission, you can click on the Submission button to see all the submission details in a slide out panel.

Or you can see the reviews by clicking on the Reviews button next to each allocated submission

Editing Allocations

Depending on your project, you may need to recommend a presentation type or to sign off the reviews. Click on the checkbox next to the allocation(s) you want to edit and click on Edit Selected Submissions button above the grid


You can edit more than one at a time.

Use the slide out screen to set the Recommended Presentation Type, Sign Off the submission or edit any other fields specific to your project.  In this example, the Recommended Presentation Type is being set to Oral for 3 submissions:

Click on the Save button and the grid will update to show your changes: