Logging in as a Reviewer

These guide will help you if you have received an email from the project administrator regarding your participation as one of the reviewers.

There are some important pieces of information that you will need to know before you get started with troubleshooting any issues:

  • The email address you should be using to log in to the system.
  • The URL or link to follow to go to the My Reviews dashboard.

You may also need to determine if you have an account with Firebird already and if you do, with which email address it is associated.

Troubleshooting your log in problems

The first thing you should check is if you are signing up for a new account or trying to log in to an existing account.

If you have not visited Firebird before, or believe you haven't, then the first thing to try is clicking on "Sign Up", enter the correct email address (the one the email was sent to), choose a password and complete the sign up process.


The administrator cannot setup an account for you.  If you are under the impression that someone else has created an account for you, including the reason that you have been registered as a reviewer in the system, then this is likely to be a false belief. Even if you have been registered in the system already by the administrator, you will still need to go through the Sign Up process to create your account.

If you believe you already have an account but you may have forgotten your password, please try Resetting your password

For further help please try logging in troubleshooting.


I can log in, but I am shown an error message.  What next?

If your error message is like this:

There are a number of things you can check:

  1. Check the URL or webpage that you have visited matches the URL or webpage that is listed in the email you received inviting you to be a reviewer.  If you are unsure of the webpage you should be visiting, please contact your project administrator.  You can check the URL by looking in the address bar of your browser or by checking the message contents on this page E.g. https://flame.firebird.systems/firebird/sample/MyReviews

  2. Check the email address you are logged in with.  You should have used the email address that your invite email was sent to.  You can check the email address you are logged on with by checking the message contents on this page _E.g. pete2@best.com__

An alternative way to check the account you are logged in with is to click your Gravatar in the top right hand corner.  this may be an image of you or your initials.  Clicking on this will slide out a new panel that will confirm the email address you are currently logged in with:

If you need to log out and log back in with a new email address, please use the log out button indicated above.


If you used one of the social media methods to automate your log in process, this may have logged you in with an email address than is not linked to you as a reviewer.  Just because an email address belongs to you alone does not mean your conference administrator is aware of this new email address. Strict privileges and permission have been given to the email address the administrator has used to register you with the system.  Using any other email address, including one that is just a single character different, or another email address that belongs to you, will mean you will not be able to gain access as a reviewer.  It may be possible for your administrator to change the email address that has been registered for you but this can only happen if you contact them directly and request this.

If you have any further issues, please contact your project administrator.